Brandi Rhodes Removed from Global Force Wrestling!

Another star has left Impact Wrestling, more specifically knock-out Brandi Rhodes. Global Force Wrestling responded quickly by removing anything Brandi-related from their site, even in the alumni section!

Leaving Impact Wrestling

There has been little information about Brandi’s departure from Impact Wrestling, even though her departure does not come as a surprise. Rhodes wrestled for Impact for the last time in April, so it has been quiet around the potential wrestling superstar.

Many believe that the departure of Brandi from Impact Wrestling is a good choice, mainly because a lot of people believed that she was not ready for a promotion as big as Impact Wrestling. In my humble opinion, I disagree. I believe that Brandi has a presence that easily out-shines other knock-outs on the roster. Does she need more wrestling experience? Sure. However, I think Impact Wrestling lost big with Brandi’s departure.

Joining ROH

Fortunately for Brandi Rhodes fans, she has not disappeared from the wrestling scene completely, since the former knock-out made her debut on ROH last Saturday in Concord, North Carolina.

During her debut, Brandi teamed up with fellow female wrestler Sumie Sakai. The team went up against Mandy Leon and Jenny Rose and put on an excellent match.

Naturally, this has not been the first time Brandi has been spotted at ROH. Back in April, Brandi and Cody were interviewed backstage at ROH, and Cody and Brandy both did some work for ROH as well. So, the removal of Brandi Rhodes from the roster does not come as a big surprise.

Continued Problems for Impact Wrestling

With the departure of Brandi Rhodes, and the removal of Brandi from the roster and the alumni page, the problems of Impact Wrestling are continuing. With the bleeding of talent, and Alberto El Patron as the Champion, it seems like Impact Wrestling is sinking more than swimming at the moment.

About Brandi Rhodes – Quick Facts

If you are not yet familiar with Brandi Rhodes, it is high time you get familiar with her! Even though she is pretty much in the infancy of her wrestling career, this woman has a star power that is rare among female wrestlers. Once she gets a little more comfortable in the ring and enhances her skills, this girl could be the next female wrestling legend! She does not mind using chairs, tables and all types of stuff. So, support Brandi if you want to see true equality in wrestling!

Brandi Rhodes, real name Brandi Alexis Runnels, is a former WWE ring announcer and wrestler. She was born and raised in Canton, Michigan and has one older brother. Before she started wrestling, she also worked as a local news reporter, a model, and got a Master’s degree in broadcast journalism. She was also a competitive figure skater for 17 years. Impressive!

Brandi Rhodes leaving Impact is a big loss for the brand, but a big gain for Ring of Honour. Brandi is so much more than the wife of Cody Rhodes, and I believe the world will see that soon.

What do you think about Brandi’s departure and the fact that Impact removed everything about her from their site?