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When Tammy Mick confided in Brent Warfield that her son was having suicidal thoughts after enduring endless bullying at school, Warfield decided to do something about it.

Warfield is the director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts, and he often organizes charity events in northeastern Indiana. So when he learned what Dekalb Middle School student Phil Mick was going through, he put out the call to his fellow bikers:

The motorcyclist posted about young Phil’s situation on his Facebook account, asking if others would like to escort the student to school. Warfield says he was overwhelmed with responses from fellow bikers, some traveling from over an hour away.

Taking a stand against bullying, over 50 bikers escorted Phil and Tammy to school on their motorcycles. The group ate breakfast together and the bikers prayed over the boy.

But the bikers’ touching act of kindness didn’t stop there. They also pitched in to get Mick new clothes and school supplies.

Warfield explained his actions on Facebook:

“Phil got his 1st ride on a motorcycle to school,” said Warfield in a Facebook post. “We had a amazing turnout. The Motorcycle Community has come together to help stand up against bullying and show our support for those that are getting bullied. We would like to see programs with speakers go to schools and discuss bullying.”

“We want to get our message out there that we are here for our youth,” he said. “They are not alone.”

Simply amazing.

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