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Alberto El Patron has been in the news due to allegations of domestic abuse against his fiance, WWE Superstar Paige. He was recently suspended indefinitely from Global Force Wrestling (Impact) because of his actions.

Here are four quick facts about the troubled wrestling star, Alberto El Patron

He Comes from Mexican Royalty

Patron’s birth name is Jose Alberto Rodriguez. Before joining WWE, Patron (who went by Alberto Del Rio in WWE) was a Mexican Lucha star known as Dos Caras Jr.  His father is the famed luchador Dos Caras.

Dos  Caras is an absolute LEGEND in Mexico and often feuded with fellow legend Mil Mascaras.

He Won The Largest Royal Rumble Ever

When Del Rio arrived in WWE he was given a massive push. He was nearly instantly put into the WWE and World Title pictures. Cementing his place at the top of the card, Del Rio won the 2011 Royal Rumble. With 40 participants it was the largest Royal Rumble in history.

He fought MMA matches while in a mask!

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In Mexico, the wearing of a Lucha mask is an extremely serious business. So much so that the identities of masked wrestlers are kept secret from the public. While wrestling as Dos Caras Jr, Patron decided to pursue a career in MMA. Instead of wrestling under his real name, he wrestled in the mask as Dos Caras Jr. He compiled a 9-5 record before retiring from the sport in 2010. Here he is fighting against MMA Legend Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic

Before getting into wrestling or MMA, Patron was an accomplished amateur wrestling who represented Mexico at the international level at the Central American and Caribbean Games, the PanAm Games, and the World Junior Greco-Roman championships.

He’s Had Several Brushes with the Law

The Orlando Airport incident was not the first time Patron ran into legal trouble. Patron divorced his first wife who later accused him of abuse and adultery. He was arrested in Austria earlier this year after getting into a fight at a bar. In October 2016 he was briefly hospitalized after a knife attack left him with multiple stab wounds.

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