Another WWE Network cult favorite bites the dust. Fresh out of mourning the loss of Talking Smack, hardcore fans of original programming on WWE’s streaming site just got some MORE bad news. The “Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness” will NOT be having a Season 2.

The former tag champs announced it on the latest episode of their E&C podcast. More via Wrestlezone:

The hosts revealed the show will likely not continue to air, as it’s probably too expensive for WWE. They added that a second season of the show was laid out entirely, and half of it was already shot, however the future of it is now “to be determined”.

And adding to that ANOTHER dagger!

In related news, the planned R-Truth game show, which was set to go forward as a series on the WWE Network, has also been canceled. The pilot episode of the show had been shot.

Edge And Christian’s genre-bending and Kayfabe destroying show

What a shame. Hopefully, they’ll still air the footage they’ve already shot. I always get bummed out by news like this. The WWE Network is a place where the company can experiment and try new concepts that won’t fit on Raw, Smackdown, or PPVs. Shows like Edge & Christian’s were vital for the hardcore and casual fan. It was pretty funny and gave plenty of nods to “smart” fans with obscure references and winks to other promotions.

And it isn’t like Edge and Christian are coming back to the ring. Both are retired due to injuries. The WWE Network is still worth it! $9.99 for two PPVs and the ability to watch every WWE show ever is still a GREAT deal. I just wish they would keep some of my favorite shows that aren’t strictly about wrestling.

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