Starbucks robbery

A man in a Transformers mask who attempted to rob a Fresno Starbucks while armed with a gun and a knife got quite a surprise during his crime. Another patron walloped him in the head with a chair and then got the best of the would-be robber.

58-year-old Cregg Jerri approached 30-year-old Ryan Flores from behind with a chair. A struggle ensued. When the thug’s gun hit the ground, Jerri could tell it was fake. Flores then stabbed Jerri in the neck as the pair wrestled for the knife. That proved to be a mistake for Flores as Jerri stabbed him several times after getting control of the weapon. Both were treated at a local hospital afterward.

After you see the surveillance video below, you will understand why Craig Jerri is being hailed as a hero!

Wow! He took down a man who is almost half his age! This isn’t what you expect to happen at a Starbucks. You never know when an ordinary person will become your hero!

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Source: Fox News

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