Prince George starting school

Prince George will be starting primary school this fall at Thomas’ in Battersea, London. Before that happens, Kate and William have to make a decision that most parents will never have to make.

They have to choose a surname for Prince George. Queen Elizabeth’s descendants’ last name is technically Mountbatten-Windsor. That decision was made in 1960 and combines the Queen’s name with that of her husband Prince Phillip. But, since George will one day be King, he doesn’t have to subscribe to that.

Often, someone who will ascend to the crown gets his surname from his father’s title. Prince William took the name Wales since his father is the Prince of Wales. So, it’s possible that George’s surname will be Cambridge since William is the Duke of Cambridge. We will soon have an answer as this decision should be made prior to George’s first day of school.

The young prince just celebrated his fourth birthday as the video below details. He has captured hearts around the world in the past four years. It will be interesting to see how he interacts with his fellow classmates in the years to come.

What an absolute doll! No matter what his surname is, he’s sure to make a lot of friends at school!

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