parkour escape from security

Three guys were caught on camera trying to take selfies during an extreme training session. It appears these guys were parkour experts based on the amount of death-defying leaps they were making to get away from a security guard.

The only other time I’ve seen anything like this is in the movies and they use stunt men, so prepare yourself to be amazed by this video.

Even I cringed at some of the jumps as I felt like I was running with them. I would never try these stunts at home but I was highly impressed by their composure and ability to concentrate on the task at hand.

I am glad none of these guys got hurt but I hope they never try something like this again!

Credit: ViralHog

I know I said I hope they won’t try this again but who am I kidding, they will try it again and probably at the same spot. Almost being caught heightened their senses and made them do things they weren’t ready for.

Either way, they landed on the ground safely and their day ended perfectly.

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