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After having his mic unceremoniously cut off in Los Angeles on Tuesday, MMA superstar Conor McGregor came back with a vengeance Wednesday! He verbally KO’d Floyd Mayweather in Toronto during the second stop of the press tour for their Aug. 26 superfight.

McGregor ripped Mayweather for everything from his defensive boxing style to his wardrobe.

[McGregor] said all the “boxing … supposed experts [are] … crazy if you think this man stands a chance. One shot is all it takes me. I bounce heads off the canvas and dribble that … . He tiptoes to a decision. He’s never fought a day in his life. He’s a runner, boxing’s biggest….”


“What … is he wearing? He looks like a little 12-year-old break dancer,” McGregor said. “You’re 40! Dress your age.”

You have to see the footage of the press conference to get the full effect of McGregor’s dominance (fair warning, there’s foul language).

Toronto was definitely behind McGregor, and he definitely won this round of the press tour.

The tour continues Thursday in Brooklyn, N.Y. The fight will take place in Las Vegas on Aug. 26th.

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Source: L.A. Times

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