Kat Timpf

Kat Timpf, a conservative host on Fox News’ afternoon program The Fox News Specialists, was attacked by an unknown man at a political event Monday night just moments before she was set to give a speech.

Timpf was set to speak in Brooklyn at an event for her friend Ben Kissel, who was running for borough president. The Fox News host was there to speak about criminal justice reform but the man dumped water on her head before she had a chance to speak.

In an interview with The Hill, Timpf explained that she was “there to do something for my friend. And this guy just comes up, it was very clear that he was there because he knew I was there ahead of time. He was coming there to come after me, which is the most terrifying thing about all of it”

Timpf further explained that the man “came up from behind me, tapped me on the shoulder, dumped [water] on my head and whipped the rest of it directly into my face. My eyes were burning. It was right into my face.”

The Fox News host also took to Twitter to explain the terrifying incident:

The individual has not been identified, but Timpf says the man was caught on camera and will hopefully be arrested.

Military veteran Wayne Dupree, a friend of Timpf, called the actions of this man despicable and said that he should be thrown in jail for attacking the conservative.


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Source: The Hill

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