Scammers are rather adept at preying on trustworthy people. Some scammers have taken advantage of “Fixer Upper” fans by spreading a rumor about Joanna Gaines in an attempt to cash in by selling skin care products.

These scammers have been targeting the HGTV star’s fans to sell skin care products under the premise that Joanna┬áis promoting them. When the Christian TV star got wind of her fans being taken for a ride, she took to Instagram to warn them that this scam is completely unrelated to her.

Some Instagram followers commented they had already fallen for the scam. karjackson925I wrote, “fell for the scam thinking it was your product… I purchased it and then they charged my account 90.00.”

These scammers have really preyed upon the wallets of some of Joanna’s fans. Julie.potash said, “I’m glad you are not leaving the show! But I’m mad because I ordered my free trial thinking it was your product and now I’m out 175.00 that the[y] won’t reimburse me for.”

The moral of the story is not to buy things simply because it appears someone you admire is selling them. These creeps took advantage of Joanna’s unsuspecting fans by using her good name without her permission. Verify before you give anyone your money! Thankfully, Joanna clarified this and is returning to Fixer Upper!

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Source: Fox News