Wrestlers come and go from WWE. While some wrestlers like Kane and the Undertaker can stay for over 20 years, some last a few months and then they are gone back into the ether of the indie scene. They can be popular with the crowd and put on great matches, but if they run afoul of Vince or anyone backstage, or creative can’t find a feud for them, they will be sent packing.

Most runs in the WWE end with a release. A short statement is published wishing the talent “well in their future endeavors, ” and they aren’t mentioned on TV for a while. The phrase is so commonly used that “future endeavored” is the euphemism for being fired in WWE. Every year, a “future endeavored” video is created celebrating those who leave WWE.

We have another talent who has been “future endeavored.” A former Cruiserweight number one contender and 205Live commentator has left WWE… or rather been “released.”

Aries hasn’t been on television since ending his feud with Neville for the Cruiserweight title. Aries was signed in January of last year and has enjoyed a lot of success among fans and in the ring.

Aries reacted in a rather adroit manner.


Why WWE Fired Austin Aries

Speculation has ranged that Aries requested his release, or he was flat-out fired, but one thing is consistent with all the speculation, he was a pain backstage and wasn’t popular with the writers or producers of WWE. Dave Meltzer said that Aries was notoriously difficult backstage and it was a “You can go” situation where the talent backstage was glad to get rid of the “Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.”

This meshes with what Jim Cornette had to say about working with Aries while the two of them were in Ring of Honor.


What is next for Aries?

Since Aries was supposedly “fired” he is free to go out and wrestle for whoever he wants. It is likely he will return to Impact or Ring of Honor. I would love to see Aries back on the indie scene. Regardless of his attitude, he is a great wrestler and a talent who draws money. Aries is also promoting a food book detailing his vegan lifestyle and how it helped him become a top wrestler.

So, it is possible that Aries isn’t gone for too long. Though I don’t think he will be back in WWE. He had a great run, and we’re happy he got a big spotlight.

Will you miss Austin Aries? Share your thoughts.

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