My mind has truly been warped with this latest story-line featuring Enzo and Big Cass. I feel like I have been pulled in so many different directions, especially with Big Cass being attacked recently! So, what does this mean?


On the June 19th episode of Raw, GM Kurt Angle promised he would reveal the perpetrators.

The answer was SHOCKING to the WWE Universe.

The Possibilities

Big Cass Is not the Culprit?

Over the past couple of weeks, it seems like everyone had their money on Big Cass being the one that attacked Enzo. Still, now Big Cass has been attacked, it seems like someone else is behind it. Or not?

Big Cass could have been faking his attack, but why plant the Enzo-like necklace on Big Cass afterward? It seems like someone is deliberately trying to break up Enzo and Cass, or so the WWE wants us to believe. Still, if someone is trying to put a wedge between the S.A.W.F.T. brothers, who could it be?

If we leave Big Cass out of our guesses at the moment, let’s take a look at who could be trying to break Enzo and Cass up! Since there are so many options, I decided to give you my top picks!

The Big Show

The Big Show has emerged as the leading contender. He’s filled in for Big Cass twice now when he was sidelined with injuries. He’s even begun to sow the seeds of doubt with Enzo:


Kurt Angle

kurt angle

The mysterious text messages could mean that there is proof of Kurt Angle attacking Enzo and Cass, in a bid to break them up. This would certainly be something I’d love to watch!



Now, this is also a favorite of mine, but it would need a lot of explaining down the line. If Sanity is moving up, it is only natural that they want to make a statement. They could expand on this by starting to attack other superstars. So, Sanity could be dominating the RAW roster soon?

Bobby Roode

Bobby desperately needs an upgrade to the main roster at this point, but I fail to see a motive for Bobby to attack Enzo and Cass. Unfortunately, this is an unlikely option, but certainly an option I would love to see!

Aleister Black

Aleister Black

Aleister Black is set to skip NXT, so the attacks could be done to put him on the main roster. However, the same problem repeats itself, what would the motive of Aleister Black be?

Gallows & Anderson

Gallows & Anderson don’t have any storylines at the moment, so they could be the ones behind the attack. They have been feuding with Big Cass and Enzo before, so maybe they are trying to break them up now?

Excellent Job of RAW Creative

I often have harsh words for RAW creative, but this time I would like to congratulate them on this excellent story-line. We’ve been pulled in so many different directions, which makes this so much more interesting. They also seem to listen to what fans are saying and playing on that. Keep doing what you’re doing RAW creative, and the ratings will surely follow.

What do you think about this story-line with Enzo and Cass? Who do you believe is responsible? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and let us sleuth together to find the solution! I’m certainly looking forward to your thoughts!

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