Miley Cyrus and Bristol Palin

Pop music train wreck, Miley Cyrus, took some cheap shots at Christians, saying “those people [shouldn’t] get to make our laws,” and adding that anyone who takes Bible stories literally is “f***ing insane.”

Cyrus also referred to her own parents as “conservative a** mother f******.”

All of these insults were hurled after Cyrus proclaimed she is the “least judgmental person ever.”

Doesn’t make much sense, does it? Miley’s comments are incredibly condescending and judgmental. Perhaps she didn’t learn how to respect people when she was growing up in a Hollywood studio with a golden spoon in her mouth.

Enter a surprising voice of reason to this conversation, Bristol Palin.

Palin took to Facebook and absolutely shredded Cyrus for her religious criticisms.

Via Bristol Palin:

Is it just me or does it seem more than a little fake that someone claiming to be accepting of everyone and everything would spew such judgment towards her own parents and their deeply held religious beliefs?

She wants everyone else to let her be “free to be Miley,” but seems unwilling to offer the same respect to her parents and those who wish to live out their Christian faith.

Oh, Miley. Thanks for giving us the best example of what “tolerance” looks like in Hollywood: it looks a lot like contempt.

Meanwhile, let this sink in. This person has the audacity to call anybody ‘f***ing insane.’ She’s shown us in the pass that she drives the crazy train!

MIley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a trainwreck that I’m just about ready to look away from. She’s crass and tries to be offensive while claiming she’s not judgmental. She’s nothing more than a disgusting hypocrite.

Comment: Is Bristol Palin correct? Is Miley Cyrus just another in a long list of Hollywood liberals who preach acceptance but spew intolerance?

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