drinking shots on fire

Ok, let set this up for you.

Several Russian friends join together for a toast and drink. I had to preface that with breaking down the country because of the language and hard nature of doing something like this.

Let’s be honest. After watching the video below, you will admit to never watching an American do anything like this. I am not saying Russians are crazy, but these friends are certainly living on the wild side.

They look like they’ve done this before, all but the guy on the right. He looks new to the game but seems willing to take one for the team if needed and that’s exactly what he did, take one for the team.

Watch this video below and please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Credit: ARS

Maybe it was an initiation as the others didn’t have fire raging from their glass. The victim looked as if he just passed it off like nothing and he wasn’t making a move to the hospital so maybe he was fine but it didn’t look healthy.

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