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President Donald Trump is sick and tired of the way things work in Washington, D.C., after the Republican Congress passed one of the worst spending bills in the history of spending bills. President Trump called for a government shutdown in September in order to fix the mess that is our nation’s capital.

And it is a mess. The swamp creature known as Paul Ryan worked with Democrats to draft up a $1.07 trillion plan. However, it doesn’t include any funding for The Wall. It has no cuts for Planned Parenthood. It does not provide funding for a special deportation task force. It also has almost no cuts to non-defense spending.

Instead Paul “Swampy” Ryan increased the National Institutes of Health budget by $2 billion. He practically fully funded the Environmental Protection Agency; its budget maintained 99% of its original funding. They also sent nearly $300 million to Puerto Rico through Medicaid.

President Trump tried to cut EPA funding by $2.6 billion in March and tried to gut NIH by $5.8 billion. Swampy Ryan, his traitorous Obama-Republicans, and the Nancy Pelosi-led Democrats, had other ideas.

One of President Trump’s biggest objectives was cutting funding to sanctuary cities. Well, Swampy decided not to deprive any of these cities of funding.


This is absolutely ridiculous. We gave Republicans control of the House and of the Senate. Then we gave them President Donald Trump. Why the HELL are they not doing what the American people want? BUILD THE WALL. DRAIN THE SWAMP. This bill does neither of that!

President Trump is right. It’s time for a “shutdown” of the government in September. Maybe it’s time to shut down people like Paul “Swampy” Ryan and his cohorts that continue to sell out the American people.

I’m sick of the lies. I’m sick of the double-talk. I’m sick of these phonies in Congress that continue to destroy our American way of life!

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Source: McClatchy

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