If you follow the Japanese wrestling scene like I do, you are probably extremely excited about the announcement that Io Shirai has accepted the offer of the WWE! If you are not familiar with this amazing wrestler yet, be sure to read on!

Who Is Io Shirai?

Io Shirai, real name Masami Odate, is a Japanese professional wrestler. She made her professional debut in 2007 and has been working for some big indie promotions since then; this includes promotions in both Mexico and Japan.

What Is Her Wrestling Style?

Her style is quite hard to describe, but when it comes to presenting herself and the character she plays, I would say it is remarkably close to that of Asuka (Kana). She also has some moves that are quite similar to those of Sasha Banks!

Some of the things that I love about Io Shirai include her speed and her ability to use every part of the ring. Most wrestlers these days just stick with one thing; for example, their strength, their high-flying ability or their submission. Io Shirai does not focus on one thing, she is incredibly fast, can do some serious high-flying and has quite some submission power! What is not to love?

What Can Io Shirai Do in the WWE?

Io Shirai

There are so many possibilities for this World of Stardom Champion within the WWE. Although, I think that the WWE will put her through NXT first. If Io Shirai goes to NXT first, there might be some match possibilities against Asuka, providing she is still in NXT at that time.

Possible Future Opponents for Io Shirai!

To get you just as excited about this amazing wrestler’s arrival at the WWE, let us take a look at possible opponents for this champion!

1. Asuka

Io Shirai

This is probably my dream match, so I believe they will make me wait until both women are on the main roster. Still, Asuka fierceness and Io Shirai’s lightning speed makes me want this match right now!

2. Ember Moon

Io Shirai

Another great match that could become one of my favorite women’s matches of all time! Ember Moon’s great presence and versatile abilities match those of Io Shirai, so how great would this match be?

3. Sasha Banks

Io Shirai

When Io Shirai makes it to the main roster eventually, I would love to see a rivalry with Sasha Banks. Io Shirai uses moves that are quite similar to hers, so it would be interesting to see what would happen during a match!

4. Charlotte

Io Shirai

I would like to see her face some of the finest women’s wrestlers, so Charlotte cannot be missing from this list! Her athleticism combined with Io’s speed, and you have an epic match!

5. Alexa Bliss

Io Shirai

My last dream match would be Alexa Bliss vs. Io Shirai. Both ladies are somewhat on the smaller side where height is concerned, but they certainly pack a lot of punch!



I cannot wait for Io to make her debut at NXT, but I definitely cannot wait to see her fighting some of the women I mentioned above.

Do you have any suggestions for matches? What do you think about her arrival at the WWE?

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