Boxing kangaroos are legendary and the one below is a real fighter who knows how to put a man down. The video below is a circus, literally. The boxing kangaroo is part of the act, and really shows it.

It looks as if the kangaroo was getting the better of his opponent, but the referee kept stopping the bout and breaking up the fighters.

Anyone who watches real boxing knows that this just frustrates the fighters.

In this case, the boxing kangaroo had enough of the referee. He showed him who’s boss. Watch:

Some of you might think this is cruelty to animals. But, if you watch the video closely, you can tell the entire match was choreographed and the animal was never in any danger.

What did you think about this video? Did you watch the entire match? Was it too much? Share your opinions in the comment section below and definitely share the story on Facebook!

Source: ballroombliz

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