Despite some bad news this week, which includes the health update on WWE legend Vader, there could be some good news in the cards with a possible return of Zack Ryder! As you all know, Zack has been out with an injury for several months, but it looks like he’s training for a comeback at the moment!

The Injury

Zack Ryder

During an episode of SmackDown Live last year, Zack Ryder fought to become the number 1 contender for the tag team titles. Even though Ryder and his partner Mojo Rawley won, Zac blew out his knee at the end of the match. Due to his injury, American Alpha was the tag team who took the titles.

Z! True Comeback Story

Despite his injury, Zack Ryder is not forgotten. Many fans have been keeping tabs on this Superstar (including yours truly) and hoping for a swift return to the ring.

During his recovery, the WWE did a special on Zack Ryder for the WWE YouTube Channel. The series is called Z! True Comeback STory and is certainly worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already!

His Move to Orlando

Zack Ryder

Around the time of his injury, Zack Ryder just moved to Orlando. Fortunately for him, it also means he is closer to the WWE Performance Center, where he has been working on his recovery.

Some recent Tweets from Zack certainly indicate that he’s ready to make his return in the next couple of months:

My Take on Zack Ryder’s Return

Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder is a man with a lot of fight in him. After conquering cancer, he became one of the major talents in the WWE. Unfortunately, the WWE has pulled the rug from underneath him many times. Despite this, he keeps on going and hoping for that big shot! Therefore, I believe this man is worth our support. Despite all the injuries and railroading that has happened within the WWE, Ryder has stood strong and proved to be one of the most passionate wrestlers on the roster.

Of course, Zack Ryder is not a man who should be pitied because of his misfortunes in the past. He is a man that should be admired. I believe he will be called a legend in the future. Years of dedication and training makes him one of the most interesting and most deserving WWE Superstars today, so I can’t wait to see his return to the ring! Woo Woo Woo!

If you’re excited about Zack’s impending return, be sure to Tweet him at @ZackRyder!

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