Rusev Retuns – Stars Feud Against Kevin Owens

After month of delays, it appears that Rusev is cleared to return. Unfortunately, it is too late for him to get his title match at MITB.

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned it’s only a matter of time before Rusev returns to the ring … because he’s officially been cleared by doctors.

Sources tell us the Bulgarian Brute met with WWE docs yesterday and was given the green light.

Rusev’s been cleared and he’s returned to WWE at a live event in Vancouver, BC in Canada

And his opponents at the live event raise a lot of interesting questions.


Does this mean that Rusev is feuding with Kevin Owens for the US Title? This would make a lot of sense. Rusev got his start in WWE by winning the US Title and going on an undefeated streak. His streak came to the end at Wrestlemania 31 against John Cena. However, he did get the coolest ‘Mania entrance of all time.

Rusev’s Demands

In true Rusev heel style, the Bulgarian Brute stated he didn’t like SmackDown management. He stated he would only consider fighting on SmackDown Live if he receives a title shot at Money in the Bank (as seen in the video).

I’m certainly hopeful that his demands will be met, but we all know how quickly things can change at SmackDown. However, Cagesideseats did make an interesting point: are we not going to see Rusev until Money in the Bank in June?

Since his other half, Lana is making her debut soon, I could understand why they keep Rusev in the background until MITB. This gives Lana enough time to establish herself as her own entity, away from the Bulgarian brute, and gives Rusev more time to recover from his injury. Still, I hope she still appears as his manager, because only when they together do they truly shine in my opinion.

Lost in Translation

Rusev & Lana

I’m quite happy with Rusev’s move to SmackDown, because I feel he got lost in translation somewhat at RAW. Even though he had some matches, his powerful character and the “Rusev Crush” gimmick was almost forgotten at RAW.

When watching RAW, it is clear that only a select few superstars are getting a push. The rest is probably waiting backstage at catering to function as either a jobber or hoping for that one opportunity when one of the main guys is injured. At SmackDown, there seems to be a much more efficient use of talent, which is certainly going to play in Rusev and Lana’s favor.

Rusev’s Issues Backstage?


Rusev and Lana are known to let their opinion be known, whether it is on Twitter or in an interview with a major media source. Remember when the storyline between Dolph Ziggler and Lana got ruined by the announcement that Rusev and Lana were engaged? Even though the WWE recovered by using it in their storylines, our sources tell us there was a lot of heat on both superstars from management.

The Bulgarian Brute can’t seem to avoid being criticized by management; this time because he decided to cut his hair. Even though it may not seem like such a big deal to use, several sources – including one of my favorite sources Wrestletalktv (You’re great Oli Davis – I hope I spelled your name right) have reported that Rusev could be in hot water by not getting permission from WWE first. Who knew a haircut could cause so much controversy? At least now he’s truly known as handsome Rusev!

The Future for Rusev

Rusev, Lana & Mick Foley

Even though Rusev finds himself in hot water with management from time to time, the man is pure gold. WWE may not have used the superstar to his max potential (also due to injury), everything this man does is extremely entertaining. So, if we do have to wait until MITB, I’m sure it be well worth it!

Your thoughts?