Dean Ambrose and Renee Young got hitched! This breaking news reached us earlier today and  we couldn’t wait to provide you with all the juicy details!

Wedding Rings Spotted

Dean Ambrose

Observant wrestling fans already noticed something was up with WWE’s favorite couples, since both Dean and Renee were spotted wearing a ring on their wedding finger.

If you have caught Monday Night RAW, you could have spotted the ring as well, since Dean was wearing it in the ring.

Renee’s Loved-Up Tweet

Renee Young

Renee confirmed the rumors shortly after word was circulating about her marriage to Ambrose. She confirmed with a loved-up tweet stating “Marriage is nice. Thanks for all the love.”

SmackDown Embarrassment

Dean Ambrose

The marriage between Renee Young and Dean Ambrose still came as a surprise to many, despite the fact that the couple has been dating for three years. It seemed like Renee and Dean wanted to keep this on the down-low, but they didn’t count on Dolph Ziggler and KO.

Dean Ambrose

The marriage was not officially confirmed until Wednesday, something they were pretty much forced to do. During the episode of Talking Smack this week, Owens and Ziggler drew attention to the ring on Renee’s hand. Ziggler said “what’s in your hand?” while Owens asked if they could talk about it on-air. Even though Shane McMahon and Renee Young had to change the subject quickly, Renee was later forced to admit she and Ambrose were now husband and wife.

Marriage Certificate on Twitter

No, the marriage between Ambrose and Young is not a rumor, because some internet sleuthing led to a copy of their marriage certificate being shared on Twitter. We’re unsure who made the original share, but the marriage certificate certainly proves that the marriage is not a WWE story-based rumour.

Dean Ambrose

Kept Apart?

Dean Ambrose

In a cruel twist of fate, Dean Ambrose was put on Monday Night Raw. Even though Renee Young works on both RAW Talk and Talking Smack, Renee is more involved with SmackDown. Unfortunately, this means that the young couple won’t have that much time together for the next couple of months.

However, their marriage could have some consequences for their future placement in RAW or SmackDown. WWE tries to keep husbands and wives together on the same show; this also includes couple who aren’t married (except for Del Rio and Paige, of which you already know the history).

A Big Congratulations from Ringside Intel

Dean Ambrose

We at Ringside Intel could not be happier with this news. It is nice to see how people can find love through a shared passion for the business. Both Renee and Dean are crowd favorites. Even though they tried to keep things quiet, we are sure they are going to get a lot of attention in the following weeks.

Dean Ambrose

A big congratulations from Ringside Intel. We all hope you have a wonderful and happy life together. Neither of them is scheduled to take time off, so a honeymoon is probably not in the cards. But hey, travelling and staying at some fancy hotels along the way has some romance to it as well!