I love amusement park rides as much as the next guy. But when I watched this video of a woman falling out of a ride at a park in Paris, and dangling helplessly from it as it swung back and forth, I’m rethinking my whole approach to amusement parks.

What I saw in the video below, I can’t unsee. It’s that simple.

The woman is enjoying the thrill ride, when the worst happens. She falls out of her seat and begins dangling from her feet. To make matters worse, it appears her head comes just inches from smacking into a metal railing. No way will I ever get on this ride!


Imagine you are on the ground and your child is strapped into the harness of a very dangerous ride. Now, imagine the ride takes off and you notice that someone is dangling uncontrollably with no way to pull themselves up and it’s your child.

What would you do?

Me? I don’t know what I’d do, but you better bet I’d be suing that park’s pants off.

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