When I heard about the Left’s #DayWithoutImmigrants protest, I was beside myself. Liberals actually think they’re doing something productive by trying to shut down American businesses. I think they’re nuts.

I definitely agree with TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren, who put the verbal beatdown on the silly protest.

As you know, Lahren doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing emotion over things she cares about. And the latest liberal protest is one she had to tackle head on.


The liberal narrative on immigration sounds intriguing. But what the left doesn’t understand (or won’t admit) is that President Donald Trump’s war against illegal aliens has nothing to do with immigrants who come to America the right way and do what is expected to become citizens.

Tomi hit all the right notes in this segment. Why is it so hard for people to make that very distinct difference between illegal and legal immigration?

It will take many Americans to fight against this narrative and I know I will continue to do my part, just like Tomi.

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