Marilyn Monroe died childless. She wanted a baby more than anything but she was never able to experience that after having miscarriages. Marilyn’s very public ectopic pregnancy in 1957 was played out in the press.

But, there was one pregnancy that was kept hidden. After her miscarriages with husband Arthur Miller, the couple’s marriage began to collapse. She was filming “Let’s Make Love” with Yves Montand and the stars took the name of the film a bit too seriously.

New photos have been released to The Daily Mail which are reported to be of Marilyn sporting a baby bump from a pregnancy with her married co-star.

Frieda Hull was a personal friend of Marilyn’s. She took the pictures in July 1960. Filming started in February. Hull died and her friend and former neighbor released the pictures. He claims that Frieda repeatedly referred to them as “the pregnant slides.”

Marilyn never gave birth to this alleged child, so it is unknown if she miscarried as she did with her other pregnancies or if she had an abortion.

Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think.

That definitely looks like it could be a 4th or 5th month baby bump. Since Marilyn and Yves Montand were married to other people, this had to be a very odd situation. The affair was rather public, but the pregnancy was not.

A picture of the couple is below.

Monroe is well-known for her love life. She was the ultimate female sex symbol of her day, but she never seemed to be able to find happiness. She was always searching for it, seemingly in the wrong places.

Her performance in “The Seven Year Itch” still wows men to this day. It is innocent by today’s standards, but back then it was very risqué. The original filming of the subway scene was trashed. The scene in the movie was filmed in a studio.

It was originally filmed in New York. And the original film was so revealing for that day, that it had to be redone to make it acceptable. The original film from the New York scene had been lost, but amateur film of it was just released. You can see the original in the video below

Marilyn died suspiciously just three years after “pregnancy slides” were taken. The world was shocked that someone everyone suspected had it all died in such a tragic way. But reality often doesn’t match up with expectations. Marilyn never found what she was searching for. She never became a mother.

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H/T: Daily Mail

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