If you missed it, news broke over the weekend that yet another WWE employee is in a bit of hot water for some questionable usage of social media. This time, it’s announcer Tom Phillips, and thus far the damage seems to be all “merely” some sexually explicit chat. So, will Phillips find himself in hot water for it? Let’s look at each side of the coin…

No, he won’t be in trouble.

The first reason why? “Seth Rollins”. By all accounts, the Seth sexting incident had no punishment handed down from Stamford. Oh, I am sure his personal life got rather interesting for a good bit, and with good reason. But there didn’t seem to be much response otherwise. So, with that in mind, and considering that (so far) all we’ve seen is some strong language, no pictures, no junk, then perhaps WWE will handle this situation in a similar fashion. Even though Phillips isn’t an up and coming Superstar-as Rollins was at the time-he is still a major voice for WWE, so there is some image concerns, though it may be minimal.

Yes, he will be.

Why? Because he’s not Seth Rollins. Seriously, you can’t tell me there wasn’t any chance of preferential treatment there, can you? I mean, no, Rollins was not like Hogan, but still. And while Rollins’ incident seems worse (at the moment) because it involved nude photos,otherwise there are plenty of similarities-specifically, both men were engaged while perving it up with another woman. Now. maybe WWE decides to let the fiancee sort things out, which would be fine. But I wouldn’t be completely stunned to see him miss a show, or part of a show, because of this.

WNZ readers, do you think Tom Phillips gets punished?