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When Asked What A Burglar Wouldn’t Want To See, His Answer Floored Steve Harvey!


You never know what a contestant will blurt out on Family Feud. Sometimes some crazy stuff can come out of someone’s mouth when it’s crunch time and you’ve got to answer a question quick.

When Steve Harvey asked two opponents to “Name something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house,” he was probably not expecting the response he got.

The man who hit the buzzer first yelled out “NAKED GRANDMA!” He yelled it out as if he had been waiting to say those words his whole life! After Steve laughs, he calls out the answer and you might be surprised at what happens next! Watch the video below for a good laugh!

I wouldn’t want to see a naked grandma either! That alone should be a deterrent to crime! Maybe we need to put signs outside our owns that say, “CAUTION! NAKED GRANDMA INSIDE!” Do you think that would work?

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