Chicago is a beautiful city but it is also one of the most dangerous. It had the most homicides this past year since the early nineties and the total is staggering: 762 homicides in one year!

To gain an understanding of just how bad it is in Chicago. The amount of homicides there for 2016 is nearly DOUBLE the number of homicides in New York City despite Chicago having ONE THIRD of the population. Worse? The number of shootings tops FOUR THOUSAND.

So it’s pretty ironic when Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel tells illegal immigrants they are “safe” in his sanctuary city. It also makes no sense that people continue to blame the lack of gun control for the gun crimes in Chicago despite the fact it is a city with the strictest gun control laws in the nation!

Share this one with others. The danger of what is happening in Chicago is spreading out from the worst parts of town into areas where tourists are and people don’t expect to see violent crime! People need to be safe!

h/t Fox News

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