Superbowl ad 1984

We’ll be featuring legendary Superbowl ads all week, leading up to Superbowl LI

Apple was once a fledgling company in the computer world. But one ad during the 3rd quarter of Superbowl XVIII completely changed their fate and the tech world forever!

The “1984” ad featured references to the Orwell classic 1984. It challenged consumers to break conformity and buy a Mac instead of a standard PC.

Nowadays, a competitor could use this ad against Apple, being that they are now the monolith that everyone conforms to.

Even so for its time, this ad was revolutionary.


Watch below and see if the message still stands.

What do you think?

The “dystopia” really doesn’t do much for me, and I doubt a commercial so dark and bleak would play well with today’s audience.

Or perhaps it would be a huge hit? People seem to think consumers are more cynical now than ever. Who knows?

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