Cornell William Brooks

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks and six other people were arrested yesterday after they staged an eight-hour-sit-in at Senator Jeff Sessions’ Alabama office.

The protest began at 11 a.m. when around two dozen protestors took over Sessions’ office to protest President-elect Donald Trump’s choice of Senator Sessions for Attorney General.

Cornell William Brooks explained the reasoning:

We are asking the senator to withdraw his name for consideration as attorney general or for the President-elect, Donald Trump, to withdraw the nomination. In the midst of rampant voter suppression, this nominee has failed to acknowledge the reality of voter suppression while pretending to believe in the myth of voter fraud.

Brooks twitter shows a different message where he wasn’t asking at all, but in fact making a threat.

Brooks and some of his cohorts were arrested later in the evening around 6:30 pm and placed in a paddywagon. They were charged with misdemeanor criminal trespass, but released on bond.

Mr. Brooks was so proud he got arrested, he showcased he and his supporters’ mugshots.

While Brooks and his followers trespassed and attempted to demean and defame Senator Sessions, Mr. Sessions had his staff bring the protestors pizza for lunch.

And his spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores vehemently defended the Senator.

She also expertly took down the mainstream media’s narrative of Senator Sessions.

Sessions’ confirmation hearings are scheduled for January 10 and 11.

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