Charlesetta Williams


Elderly Woman Unharmed After Surviving a Tornado Using Something Unexpected

One lucky (and smart!) lady!

Over the weekend, tornadoes caused a lot of destruction for a number of Americans. One Texas family was lucky enough to survive a tornado that ripped through their home and they have a harrowing story to tell about it.

75 year old Charlesetta Williams and her son Troy Jones were watching television when they learned they were right in the path of a tornado. They quickly ran to the bathroom and jumped in the tub. The bathtub can help protect you from a tornado and the plumbing typically secures it to the ground.

But, this tornado was so strong that it ripped the bathtub from the floor and threw the mother and son in the air seconds after they got in. The bathtub they were in was sent flying as their home was ripped from the foundation!

They both remarkably survived without injuries and spoke to the local TV station about their very unique story of survival in the video below.

That’s is simply amazing! Charlesetta plans to rebuild her home on the same property. Unlike that bathtub, she is staying put. After surviving that, nothing is likely to scare her away!

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H/T: Distractify

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