Sleepy Man performs Christmas classic "Carol of the Bells" with a banjo

It’s always fun to hear a new spin on a classic Christmas carol. The Mizzone brothers recorded a very Americana version of “Carol of the Bells” in a bedroom jam. Their clever take on the classic Christmas carol features a banjo.

Christmas Classic “Carol Of The Bells” Featuring The Banjo

The brothers are better known as the group Sleepy Man. The New Jersey based group consists of the Mizzone brothers: Jonny on banjo, Robbie on fiddle and vocal, Tommy on guitar, and their friend Josh Thomas on bass.

These young men have more talent than many who have been playing for 40 years! How many musicians could master “Carol of the Bells” on a banjo?

The enchanting melody of “Carol of the Bells” is instantly recognizable around the world – but I’ve never heard it done like this before.

One of the most popular version of the Christmas carol is performed by the world-renowned Trans-Siberian orchestra. But, if you ask me, these young brothers give the big guys a run for their money!

Watch their thrilling Americana rendition of the Christmas classic below.

Amazing! These boys sure are talented. And my Christmas spirit is running high after that powerful performance!

Americana Music

If you enjoyed their take on that classic Christmas carol, you’ll be sure to love their sound on any song. Sleepy Man’s version of “Carol of the Bells” may be grounds for a new music genre: Christmas Americana!

It’s so wonderful to see Americana music – specifically in the bluegrass style – being kept alive and well by a younger generation.

These brothers have been dubbed by many as ‘boy wonders’ – and it’s no wonder as their talent is quite apparent.

In the below origins video, the boys’ talent is described as a ‘gift’. Being able to connect with and move people through music certainly is a blessing.

Sleepy Man is a band to watch! I hope they keep this Americana sound alive for years and years to come.

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