Donald Trump Battleship

President-elect Donald Trump is calling for all Americans to reflect on the selfless actions thousands of Americans made 75 years ago at Pearl Harbor. It’s a definite contrast to what the White House issued.

Mr. Trump issued the following statement:

“Their shared sacrifice reminds us of the great costs paid by those who came before us to secure the liberties we enjoy, and inspires us to rise to meet the new challenges that stand before us today.”

He continued,

America‚Äôs enemies have changed over the past 75 years. But the fact remains, as President Reagan said when first proclaiming National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, ‘there can be no substitute for victory’ in the pursuit of peace. Today we are the bearers of the torch of freedom these brave Americans passed on to us.

In honor of their faithfulness, and for the sake of generations to come, we will never allow that flame to be extinguished.

This is the kind of leadership and patriotism our country has been missing for so long. We haven’t seen a leader like Mr. Trump in a long while.

We must honor the sacrifice of the Greatest Generation to ensure that the torch of freedom that the Statue of Liberty holds high is never allowed to be extinguished. The United States of America is a guiding beacon to the rest of the world and under Mr. Trump’s leadership that beacon will shine ever brighter!

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