Megyn Kelly has a new book out, Settle For More, and readers don’t like it. They are absolutely savaging it on Amazon’s review section.

The book has received a total of 173 reviews and 77% of them are 1 star reviews on Amazon as of this writing.

Amazon describes the book as thus:

In Settle for More, the anchor of The Kelly File reflects on the enduring values and experiences that have shaped her—from growing up in a family that rejected the “trophies for everyone” mentality, to her father’s sudden, tragic death while she was in high school. She goes behind-the-scenes of her career, sharing the stories and struggles that landed her in the anchor chair of cable’s #1 news show. Speaking candidly about her decision to “settle for more”—a motto she credits as having dramatically transformed her life at home and at work—Megyn discusses how she abandoned a thriving legal career to follow her journalism dreams.

Here are some of the reviews:

And some more.

It doesn’t look good for Megyn Kelly’s new book.

Will you be reading it?

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