Connor Brewer

Connor Brewer defied his coach and his team to stand for the National Anthem!

Brewer is a college football player and offensive linesman at Milkin University. His coach and teammates decided to protest the National Anthem by not even showing up for it. They chose to remain in the locker room.

Brewer wasn’t having any of that. He took to the sidelines all by himself. He chose to stand for America and the National Anthem even if he had to do it alone.

Several of the players took a Colin Kaepernick-esque knee in a game on the 24th. However, they decided to not even show up for the National Anthem moving forward, trying to spin their disrespect for America in the local Herald-Review, “Rather than have our message be misunderstood or misconstrued, we are united in our decision to stay in the locker room until kickoff during which time we will engage in a moment of reflection to personally recognize the sacrifice of so many and renew our commitment to living up to those most important words: ‘with liberty and justice for all.”

They continued, “Please let there be no doubt that we have the utmost respect for the sacrifice made by those who served or do serve in our armed forces, including many of our family and friends,” the football team wrote. ‘Therefore, it is our desire to do nothing that could be viewed as disrespectful of their sacrifice.”

The university President Patrick White offered his own shameful defense of the disrespect, “We all need to listen to voices and opinions different from our own and listen with our hearts and minds awake to difference. When the issues involve race and justice and differing contentions of what patriotism mean, all of us can stand more education.”

The community wasn’t buying any of these excuses., NewsCenter17, StormCenter17, Central Illinois News-

Connor Brewer defied his coach, his teammates, and the University President to take a true stand for America.

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