Chris Brown

Chris Brown is a convicted criminal. We know he beats on women, having a felony conviction for assaulting Rihanna. In another violent incident involving a woman, Brown had the cops surround his house and he made Instragram videos (since deleted) disparaging our law enforcement officers.

Now, he’s going Colin Kaepernick – refusing to stand for the national anthem.

The video below shows Brown sitting at a celebrity CHARITY basketball game while R&B singer Tank performs the National Anthem:

That wasn’t the end of it. Brown, acting like a thug, got into an altercation with fans at the CHARITY basketball game and had to be restrained by police:

This isn’t the first time Brown has had problems at a basketball game:

Brown is even under investigation from Child Protective Services.

What does all of this prove? That Chris Brown’s wealth has more of an effect on his dealings with law enforcement than his race. If Brown was WHITE and poor (they do exist) he’d be in prison for what he’s done, not sitting on his butt during the national anthem at a charity basketball game.

He has no respect for women. No respect for the police. And now, reveals he has no respect for America!

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