KISS “Shout it Out Loud” Put Kaepernick in his Place and Honor Our Veterans!

Most times, musicians outside of country artists are flaming leftists. It’s pathetic when they agree with something stupid said by Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama and it happens all too often.

But the band KISS featuring Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss isn’t having any of that. And they have no patience for Colin Kaerpernick and his shenanigans as he refuses to stand for the National Anthem, despite his claims of “oppression” while making $14 million a year as a backup quarterback.

In a concert over the weekend KISS front man Paul Stanley called out Kaepernick. They also paid tribute to veterans, donating $150,000 to the American Legion.

And it only gets better. You have to watch:

That is AMAZING! The Pledge of Allegiance AND The Star Spangled Banner.

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