We’ve all heard the tricks before: chew gum while cutting an onion, chill it in the freezer,¬†soak it in water. In reality, none of these really do the job, especially when cutting a larger quantity of onions.

Fortunately for us, someone did figure out how to tear-proof your cutting because they found the root of the problem… Literally!

Right where the roots of the onion come out is the spot that contains the bulb. The bulb is where the tear-inducing gas is contained, so all you need to do is cut a cone shape around the bulb and voila! No more tears!


Watch him execute this method perfectly in the video below!

How cool is that? I never knew the science behind the onion tears but this makes so much sense!

Share this with your cooking loving friends and save them some tearful preparation! 

H/T: Vidbook

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