Foster Care

Clifford Boyson’s heart was heavy for many years. When he was just three years old, he and his five-year-old sister Betty were sent into foster care to two different homes. The two siblings never saw each other again.

Clifford searched for Betty seemingly forever, but each attempt failed. And his pain was so evident that a 7-year-old neighbor noticed. And armed with his iPad, Eddie set out to find Clifford’s long-lost sister Betty.

In an amazing turn of fate, little Eddie did find Betty on Facebook. Clifford and Betty were reunited after many decades. When Eddie was asked why he launched this search, his answer was simple. “Because family is important,” the elementary student said.

Eddie had noticed Clifford’s sorrow and loneliness. And now Eddie reports that Clifford has no reason to be lonely, because he has his sister!

What an absolutely amazing reunion. And it was all made possible by a 7-year-old boy. You never know who will impact your life.

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H/T: Little Things