The feud between GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and Fox News heated up this week when The Donald announced on that he will not be attending the next debate on Thursday due to the fact that Megyn Kelly is set to moderate it.

Though the network is publicly siding with Kelly, new reports have revealed they are desperate to get Trump back, and they are trying to use his wife and daughter to get to him.

Joe Scarborough revealed on Morning Joe Wednesday morning that Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has been desperately trying to contact Ivanka and Melania Trump in an attempt to get them to convince the Donald to change his mind. According to Daily Mail, however, Trump has stated that he will only speak to Rupert Murdoch himself.

This came hours after Melania broke her typical silence to defend herself as a major presence in Trump’s life.

“I give him ideas, and I give him my opinions,” the 45 year-old said, according to US Magazine. “Some stuff he listens to.”

She went on to say that she leaves public politics to her husband, saying, “That’s my husband’s job, I leave that to him.” However, that doesn’t mean she’s not political herself.

“I’m very political,” Melania concluded. “I’m not political in public, I’m political at home.”

If Ailes thinks he’s going to be able to get Melania to do his dirty work, he’s got another thing coming!

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