Things got awkward on the ABC talk show The View today when Christian host Candace Cameron-Bure suddenly left the table after Whoopi Goldberg attacked her.

According to Fox News, it all started when Whoopi began passionately talking about the  Oscars boycott that is currently circulating among race-baiting actors who are livid about the lack of diversity in this year’s nominees.

“I am mad about this,” Whoopi whined, adding to her cohosts that she has made many films. When the other hosts tried to make their points as well, Whoopi continually interrupted them.

“The issue is, look, this happens every year…” she said. “You make a statement all year, not just once a year.”

Trying to get the conversation back on track, Cameron-Bure tried to get Whoopi to pause for a second. It was then that Whoopi fired back at her, “you talk about god every day today we’re talking about movies.”

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The show then cut to a commercial break, and when it returned, Cameron-Bure was noticeably absent from the table.

“Candace hadn’t been feeling well for the last couple hours so that’s why I asked her if she needed some juice,” Whoopi said. Many viewers, however, weren’t buying this explanation.

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Other viewers took to Twitter to slam Whoopi for bullying Cameron-Bure.

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It’s sickening that Whoopi Goldberg continues to bully her conservative Christian cohost, just as she did to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. SHARE if you think Whoopi Goldberg should be FIRED from The View!

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