Chris Hemsworth Says His Return To The MCU Depends On Thor Being Portrayed “Drastically Different” From Taika Waititi’s Bastardization

Chris Hemsworth says his MCU return is contingent on Thor being "drastically different" from Taika Waititi's take on the God…

4 months ago

In Seeming Dig At Taika Waititi, ‘Thor’ Star Chris Hemsworth Says He Refuses To Work With Any More “Mad Genius” Directors

'Thor: Love and Thunder' star Chris Hemsworth says he is no longer interested in working with "mad genius" directors.

4 months ago

10 Best MCU Costumes

A list of the best costumes in Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe including Thor, Captain America, Moon Knight and more.

8 months ago

Thor: Love & Thunder Suffers Near 70% Drop In Its Second Week At The Box Office

Thor: Love & Thunder isn't resonating well with audiences, as evidenced by a near-70% drop in its second weekend in…

8 months ago

Thor: Love And Thunder Critic Reviews Are Middling

The critic scores for Marvel Studios and Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder are rolling in.

9 months ago

10 Best Marvel Ultimate Universe Comics Characters

Marvel's Ultimate Universe is comprised of abstract, bold and unique takes on existing characters, some much more cool than others!

9 months ago

Marvel Includes Fully Naked Thor In Latest Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer For Cheap Laugh

Marvel Studios released their latest trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder and like the first trailer it makes it abundantly…

10 months ago

Thor: Love And Thunder Director Taika Waititi Describes It As A “Midlife Crisis Film,” Wanted To Make “Least Expected Thing With This Franchise”

Thor Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi recently described the upcoming movie as "a midlife crisis film."

11 months ago

Underworld Creator Kevin Grevioux: Thor Has Become “Marvel’s Litmus Whipping Boy”

Underworld creator Kevin Grevioux, who also played the werewolf Raze in the series, recently shared his "unpopular opinion" that Thor…

11 months ago

New Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer Reveals Taika Waititi Will Continue One Of Avengers: Endgame’s Biggest Mistakes

Marvel Studios released their first teaser trailer for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film and what is showcased in…

11 months ago

Marvel Studios Releases First Thor: Love And Thunder Trailer, Includes Rocky Training Montage And Bad Joke About Thor “Loving” Star-Lord

Marvel Studios released their first teaser trailer for their upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder film from director Taika Waititi.

11 months ago

Thor: Love And Thunder Actress Tessa Thompson Says Film Will Explore LGBT Relationship, Describes It As “Exciting”

During a recent in-depth interview with The Wrap, Tessa Thompson teased the MCU's plan for more LGBT inclusion.

1 year ago

Alleged Thor: Love and Thunder Leaks Reveal First Look At Odinfroce Thor, Mjolnir-Wielding Jane Foster, and Lobotomy Haircut Valkyrie

A new set of alleged Thor: Love and Thunder leaks have given audiences their first official looks at Thor, Jane,…

1 year ago

Donny Cates And Marvel Double Down On Retcon Of Thor’s Mjolnir, Depict It As A Female Energy Being

Marvel Comics writer Donny Cates alongside associate editors Kaitlyn Lindtvedt and Alanna Smith retconned Thor's famous Mjolnir in the latest…

1 year ago

Chris Hemsworth Claims Marvel Studios Enthusiasm For Him Returning To Thor Is Waning

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth recently claimed that Marvel Studios enthusiasm for him to reprise his role as the god of…

1 year ago

Marvel Strikes Back, Counter-Sues To Keep Rights To Multiple Characters Including Avengers And Spider-Man

Marvel has counter-sued in an attempt to retain full ownership of multiple characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Thor.

2 years ago