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Source: Screenshot YouTube Source: Screenshot YouTube
November 30, 2022
The legendary Fleetwood Mac band member Christine McVie has died at the age of 79 after a "short illness."
Lindsey Buckingham Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac
September 9, 2021
Lindsey Buckingham is coming out with a new album. During the interview promoting the album, he had some harsh words…
Stevie Nicks Fleetwood Mac Abortion
October 15, 2020
An early agreement between bandmates Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie was the basis for the singer's 1979 abortion.
Fleetwood Mac Stevie Nicks coronavirus rock concert movie
October 9, 2020
Fleetwood Mac frontwoman Stevie Nicks found a way to keep rocking despite the coronavirus pandemic "stealing" good years from her.