John Cena

Superstar Bummed They Missed RAW, Hulk Hogan Slammed Again

It was a packed show Monday, but one Superstar was bummed they missed RAW. Plus, probably not a shock, but…

5 hours ago

RAW In A Nutshell: Big Go Home Show With John Cena!

It is a bigger than usual RAW In A Nutshell...we have a big go home show, and a big part…

2 days ago

Highlights From John Cena’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

It was John Cena Night on Monday Night Raw. Here are a few of the highlights. Cena's Backstage Segments The…

2 days ago

Spoilers: What To Expect At John Cena’s Return To WWE

John Cena is making his return to WWE after a year away. The wrestler turned Hollywood star has taken the…

2 days ago

John Cena Gives Fan Who Fled Ukraine The Surprise Of His Life

The legendary wrestler and Hollywood star John Cena stepped up this week to surprise a nonverbal superman who recently escaped…

2 weeks ago

Could John Cena Wrestle Soon, Reason For Stephanie McMahon Exit

Now that he's been announced for a return to RAW, could John Cena wrestle again soon? And, is a legal…

3 weeks ago

RAW In A Nutshell: Moving On To Money In The Bank

For RAW in a Nutshell this week, the theme is simple, as the red brand is moving on to Money…

3 weeks ago

Theory Like Legendary Superstar, RK-Bro Has Exceeded Expectations

Vince McMahon sees great things in him...but is Theory really like one legendary Superstar? Plus, believe it or not, RK-Bro…

2 months ago

Peacemaker Review: Making Peace With James Gunn’s Derivative Nonsense

Peacemaker has its moments, but is not without flaws - the biggest of which have to do with James Gunn's…

4 months ago

Peacemaker Actor John Cena Appears To Get Tough On Twitter In Response To Russian Invasion Of Ukraine, Forgets He Groveled To China Over Taiwan Comments

Peacemaker actor John Cena wished he had the powers of his character in a social media post appearing to respond…

4 months ago

Arrow’s Stephen Amell Roasts Peacemaker Star John Cena For Green Arrow Joke In HBO Max Show’s Season Finale

Stephen Amell responds to John Cena and Peacemaker's roast of Green Arrow in the season finale of the HBO Max…

4 months ago

Peacemaker Series’ “Butterflies” Were Trying To Save Humanity From Climate Change And Anti-Science

The underlying message of Peacemaker for James Gunn was humanity needs saving from climate change and "anti-science" propraganda.

4 months ago

John Cena Did Not Research Peacemaker At the Behest of James Gunn

John Cena engaged in zero deep dives into Peacemaker source material because, as theirs is a new interpretation, James Gunn…

4 months ago

Tactical SWAT FPS Ready or Not Sparks Outrage With Decision To Include School Shooter Level, References To ‘Red Pill’ And Pepe The Frog

Ready or Not has faced several controversies in recent months over topics ranging from a school shooter level to a…

5 months ago

John Cena On Being “Qualified” For Fatherhood

John Cena has gone from the squared circle to the big screen. The former WWE champion, (and the company's biggest…

5 months ago

James Gunn Reveals That Peacemaker Insulting Batman In The HBO Max Series Was Nearly Rejected By DC Office

An off-color joke about Batman and killing in the next episode of Peacemaker had DC apprehensive for some strange reason.

5 months ago

John Cena’s WrestleMania Status, Who Runs NXT Now?

As we are approaching the premiere event for WWE, what is John Cena's WrestleMania status? And, who runs NXT now,…

6 months ago

The Most Hilarious Woke Pop Culture Fails Of 2021

This list represents just a small cache of the outrageousness that took place last year, but they're some of the…

6 months ago