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While there are some great toys out there today, the ‘80s was king when it came to toys and pop culture! Many of the top toys being released these days are re-releases of the stuff we grew up with in the 80s. Today, we are hopping in old Doc Brown’s DeLorean as we look at 10 retro toys from the 80s that you forgot about! 

Forget stuff like G.I Joe, Transformers, and Ninja Turtles, we are looking at the not-quite A-tier of toy lines here. Don’t get me wrong, these were popular, but not at the level of stuff like Star Wars! I have tried to have a few “girls” toy lines in here to make it a good mix of cool stuff! 

Have some “toyetic” fun by putting together your own list of what you feel are the top 10 retro toys from the ‘80s that are a little bit more obscure.

Worlds of Wonder Mickey & Goofy

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WWF Bendies

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AWA All-Star Wrestlers

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The Wuzzles

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Battle Beasts

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