Marie Osmond Piers Morgan
Source YouTube: Drew Barrymore Show, Piers Morgan Uncensored

There’s a growing trend in Hollywood and beyond that is seeing celebrities worth millions of dollars who are deciding not to leave their fortunes to their children.

These celebrities are deciding to not leave their wealth to their kids for a variety of reasons. Scroll through this list and find out why!

Daniel Craig

Source: Saturday Night Live YouTube

Ashton Kutcher

Source: Wired YouTube

Guy Fieri

Source: People YouTube

Marie Osmond

Source: The Drew Barrymore Show YouTube

Jeff Goldblum

Source: WIRED YouTube

Don McLean

Source: Top 2000 a gogo YouTube

Anderson Cooper

Source: CBS Sunday Mornings


Source: Rick Beato YouTube

Gordon Ramsay

Source: People YouTube

Gene Simmons

Source: Piers Morgan Uncensored YouTube
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