Pepsi recently made headlines with an ad featuring AI (artificial intelligence) and AI (Allen Iverson) in their pitch.

It’s a cheeky effort that shows a pair of office workers discussing filling out NCAA March Madness brackets. One of them suggests that the other use artificial intelligence but, of course, ends up asking Iverson for advice.

“I can’t always be the answer,” Iverson quips, referencing his nickname.

The commercial got us thinking about some of the all-time efforts from Pepsi in the advertising arena. And they have some gems from the 1970s on up.

Pepsi, after all, is Americana. And their iconic ads have been around for decades. Here are a few of the best over the years.

The Pepsi Challenge – 1975

Credit: uwsadstrategy YouTube

Michael Jackson Block Party – 1984

Credit: Giraldi Media YouTube

Creation – 1987

Credit: Los Ochenteros YouTube

Madonna – 1989

Credit: Gabriel Ezequiel YouTube

Ray Charles – 1991

Credit: Darin Page Henley YouTube

Cindy Crawford – 1992

Credit: TV Advert Archive

Spice Girls – 1998

Credit: Screenshot: Bigbromedia Youtube

Brittney Spears – 2001

Credit: Gabriel Ezequiel YouTube

Gladiators – 2004

Credit: Studio Sixty Billion YouTube

Blue Steel – 2023

Credit: The World's Best Ads YouTube
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