top 10 episodes of 'Cheers'
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Very few sitcoms have left as lasting an impression on American television as Cheers. Set in a Boston bar where everybody knows your name, this beloved series ran for 11 seasons. It entertained audiences with witty banter, lovable characters, and heartfelt moments.

We counted down the top 10 funniest episodes of Cheers. Each episode captured this iconic series’s spirit, humor, and charm. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer to the show, these episodes showcase why Cheers remains a timeless classic television comedy!

 “Give Me a Ring Sometime”

Credit: Screenshot: Entertainment Stop YouTube

“Simon Says”

Credit: Screenshot: JHew YouTube

 “Dinner at Eight-ish”

Credit: Screenshot: Bear YouTube

 “One for the Road”

Credit: Screenshot: hookey puck YouTube

“Thanksgiving Orphans”

Credit: Screenshot: Peacock YouTube

 “Endless Slumper”

Credit: Screenshot: Sandeepan Bose YouTube

“Pick a Con…Any Con”

Credit: Screenshot: JHew YouTube

 “What is… Cliff Clavin?”

Credit: Screenshot: Jucabe YouTube

 “Home is the Sailor”

Credit: Screenshot: JHew YouTube

“Bar Wars”

Bar Wars Cheers
Credit: Screenshot: Russell B. YouTube
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