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Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey’s oldest son Levi celebrated his 16th birthday on Sunday. To mark the occasion, McConaughey offered his son some powerful advice that has quickly gone viral.

McConaughey’s Powerful Advice To His Son

McConaughey, 54, and his 41 year-old wife Camila Alves have been married since 2012. They are parents to Levi and his two younger siblings Vida, 14, and Livingston, 11.

On Levi’s landmark birthday, McConaughey took to Instagram to offer his son some advice as he nears adulthood.

“Alright Levi, coming on that age buddy,” McConaughey began in the emotional video. “About to be out on your own. Me and your mom hope we’ve done as good of a job as we can. You’re not really gonna have us as a safety net out there in the wonderful, wild world forever.”

“Just go out,” he continued. “Enjoy. Be aware of your surroundings. Be yourself. Know when to say yes. Know when to say no. Know when to say maybe,” he said before chuckling. “See the good in everybody else. But know that not everyone else is always paying attention.”

“Take your time. Enjoy the journey,” McConaughey concluded.

Check out McConaughey’s full message to his son in the video below.

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McConaughey And Alves Allow Levi To Join Social Media

Last year, McConaughey and Alves celebrated Levi’s 15th birthday by allowing him to join social media for the first time in his life. In a video posted to Instagram, Alves admitted that she was “nervous” about allowing her son to have a social media presence. She added that she and her family had been debating the decision for three years.

“All his friends have had it for a long time,” Alves said. “We’ve been holding up.”

McConaughey, however, was confident that his son was mature enough to be trusted on social media.

“He knows who he is, and he knows where he’s going. I think he can handle it,” McConaughey said at the time. “He’s got a great story to tell and share. I want to let all y’all know, you’re getting a very cool and respectful young man in Levi McConaughey, coming at ya, and I hope y’all can do your best to treat him the same way.”

“Levi, enjoy the adventure, enjoy sharing your story, expressing yourself and what you put out there and the exchange you get with people out there,” McConaughey concluded. 

Watch them talk more about this in the video below.

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McConaughey Talks Parenthood

In another interview last year, McConaughey opened up about how becoming a father has changed him for the better.

“When you become a parent, your peripheral vision becomes better, whereas before you’re a parent, you can have tunnel vision,” he explained to Extra.

“You can take one-trip tickets to anywhere you want to go. No more one-trip tickets when you become a parent,” he added. “It’s round-trip tickets because you know you have to get back and you’ve got dependents.”

As for the main lesson he wants his children to learn, McConaughey said, “Responsibility breeds freedom.”

“You take care of your stuff, chores, you take care of yourself, you will have more freedoms in the future,” he continued.

It’s clear that McConaughey is a true family man who loves his family more than anything. We’d like to wish Levi a very happy birthday, and many more to come!

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