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The best part about live TV is that it’s unpredictable. Anything can happen, from the shocking to the hilarious.

The latter is what happened to The Price is Right host Drew Carey this week when he went toe-to-toe with a contestant!

Ph.D. Student Knocks Drew Carey

Fans of The Price is Right have taken new(ish) host Drew Carey under their wings. The comedian took over hosting duties for long-time host and icon Bob Barker back in 2007.

Obviously, people were worried at first. How the heck do you replace Bob Barker? He’s a legend! He literally beat up Happy Gilmore on film.

One way to do it is to hire a Marine. Enter Drew Carey.

But Marine or not, sometimes the contestants get a leg-up on the host. That’s what happened when Ph.D. student Lillian Brown came on down.

When she got to the over/under section of the game, she was already cruising. This prompted a credulous Carey to comment that it was her schooling that helped her make it look easy.

Now, as anyone knows, a good comedian can self-deprecate. That’s exactly what Carey did – he told Brown that he flunked out of college, twice!

But here’s the thing. When money is on the line, there’s no room for magnanimity.

Carey continued, asking Brown, “What’s the opposite of a Ph.D.?”

Brown didn’t waste a second – perhaps preparing for a turn on Jeopardy! – replied, “Oh, talk show host!”

The hilarious one-liner broke Carey’s composure for a second after he thought about it.

Watch the great moment:

That, folks, is Grade-A television!

Isn’t it nice to see clean humor every now and then?

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