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The Christian Hollywood star Candace Cameron Bure of Full House and Fuller House fame is speaking out this week to reveal her summer workout tip that is “better than being in the gym.”

Cameron Bure’s Summer Workout Tip

The internet is full of fitness tips, which can make it hard to parse the right move for you. Candace, though, has a tip that should work for everyone regardless of age or sex.

“Tips for summertime is to get out and get moving,” Cameron Bure, 48, told Fox News. “I know that sounds super simple, but typically the weather is good in most places. Getting out and getting your steps in makes such a massive difference.”

“Doing it outside is better than being at a gym on a treadmill because you’re getting fresh air, you’re getting in nature,” she continued. “At the end of your walk or jog, take your shoes off, put your feet in the grass and get grounded, like those just for overall health are amazing. I up my steps in the summertime and try to walk wherever I can. I park a little further in the parking lot.”

Not stopping there, Cameron Bure had a second summer fitness tip as well.

“Drink a lot of water,” she advised. “We hear it all the time and again, it sounds so basic, but it’s basic because these are the things that work and are important for our bodies. We know we have to stay hydrated, especially in the summertime. I also add an electrolyte to my water which really helps.”

If you’re anything like me, you wonder why the gym is still filled with people during the summer. Grab some free weights and get out in the sun, people!

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Cameron Bure Advises Practicing Skin Care

Finally, Cameron Bure would like her fans to practice good skin care this summer.

“It’s really important because we’re going outside more often,” she said. “Find a great, high-quality mineral sunscreen for your face. I love the sun. Vitamin D is very important. I’m really prone to sun spots so I make sure I put sunscreen on and even a hat when I’m going to be outside for long periods of time.”

“I try to stay consistent throughout the year, but I definitely up my game in the summertime,” Cameron Bure concluded.

For the older folks out there, this is an important one. Even setting aside skin cancer, if you don’t watch yourself for sunburn, you could end up at the doctor’s office getting chunks of skin cut off for testing.

Cameron Bure has long been open about the fact that working out has not always come naturally for her.

“My relationship with fitness, I didn’t always love working out,” she said back in 2020. “I certainly didn’t like it as a kid, as a young teen [or] even in my early 20s. I really found the joy of fitness in my 30s and it’s because I found things that I liked to do. And I found the fun in it, and I also found people that I enjoy doing it with.”

Cameron Bure’s 28th Wedding Anniversary

Last month, Cameron Bure celebrated her 28th wedding anniversary with her former professional hockey player husband Valeri Bure. The couple married in June of 1996, and they are parents to three children: Natasha, 25, and sons Lev, 24, and Maksim, 22. 

“The love has grown over the years,” Cameron Bure told Fox News last month. “When you really do go through the depths of the valley, and you come back out on top as many times as you go through that roller coaster of life – within marriage, every time you come back on top it’s like another notch in the belt of commitment, staying together.”

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God bless her for using her platform to help her fans stay fit this summer!

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