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The Star Trek actor Zachary Quinto has been banned from a restaurant in Toronto, Canada for mistreating staffers.

Quinto Banned From Restaurant

Yahoo News reported that Manita restaurant took to its Instagram Stories on Sunday to say that Quinto, 47, is no longer welcome at their eatery after he acted like an “entitled child.”

“Zachary Quinto – an amazing Spock, but a terrible customer,” the statement began, according to Fox News. This was a reference to the character that Quinto has played in three Star Trek movies.

“Yelled at staff like an entitled child after he didn’t reply to two texts to inform him his table was ready and refused to believe the empty tables in the dining room weren’t available for him despite being politely informed they were spoken for,” the post continued.

The post went on to say that Pinto “made our host cry and the rest of our brunch diners uncomfortable.”

Lastly, it sent a clear message to Quinto that he is banned from Manita restaurant moving forward.

“Mr. Quinto, take your bad vibes somewhere else, we have many lovely celebrities join us at Manita, but you are NOT one of them,” it ended.

Find out more about this in the video below.

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‘To All The Other Zachary Quintos Out There…’

The restaurant tagged Quinto’s social media account, just to ensure that he got the message loud and clear.

Manita co-owner Ian McGrenaghan later doubled down on this by saying that Quinto will not be welcome at the restaurant until he apologizes. At the time of this writing, Quinto has yet to publicly address this in any way.

“This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time an irate guest has taken their frustrations out on our staff,” Manita restaurant said in another statement on Monday. “To all the other Zachary Quintos out there, on behalf of restaurant workers everywhere: We aren’t above criticism, but we are above being demeaned.”

Quinto celebrated his 47th birthday on Sunday by posting pictures to his Instagram Story. The images showed him at a restaurant with a birthday cake. It is unclear if this restaurant was Manita.

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Quinto’s Career

Quinto was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1977 to a barber father and an office worker mother. He fell in love with acting in high school. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Quinto got his first television roles in 2000.

Quinto’s big break came in 2003, when he was cast in the role of computer expert Adam Kaufman on season three of the Fox show 24. Later, he portrayed the serial killer “Sylar” on the science fiction NBC series Heroes from 2006 until its cancellation in 2010.

Quinto’s first main film role came when he was cast as Spock in Star Trek in 2009. He played the part in two more movies, and this remains arguably his most memorable role. Quinto reportedly became close friends with Leonard Nimoy, who originated the role on the classic 1960s TV series. Nimoy sadly died in 2015 at the age of 83.

Watch Quinto talk about playing Spock in the video below.

This incident involving Quinto serves as a reminder to always treat restaurant workers with respect. It will certainly be interesting to see if Quinto ever addresses this controversy.

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